What our students have to say...

Below you can read some of our students' recent statements about their experiences with Third Eye Insight™ - Fitness for the Blind.

Michael J. LeClerc- The loss of one's vision can be a great challenge that presents many obstacles. Third Eye Insight will give you the strength, skills, wisdom and discipline to overcome these obstacles. Sensei Devin is an excellent instructor as well as a kind and supportive mentor. I have much reverence for Sensei Devin and all the good people at Third Eye Insight and appreciate everything they do for the blind and visually impaired community.

Sally Braman- Being a Third Eye Insight (TEI) student has changed my life in many positive ways. I never would have guessed that I would have become addicted to Ninjitsu. The program and workouts have helped me to get back in shape and become more active. I have also developed a network of friends that understand the life and challenges of being visually impaired. TEI has also given me the confidence to travel independently. Through my participation in the program, I now feel brave, strong, self-confident and at peace with myself. Sensei Devin and the TEI team have impacted my life in a way that I will never be able to quantify or express my true appreciation.As well as the classes at the dojo, TEI offers a variety of off sight events. I have participated in alpine skiing, kayaking and horseback riding. I had not gone skiing since my vision loss, it was an amazing feeling to be back on skis! I was giddy and up on the mountain after a quick refresher. I had a perma-grin for a week afterward and still smile every time I think about it.

Ann Mauro- I love going to Third Eye Insight because it's a lot of fun. I made a lot of friends. I enjoy the activities horseback riding, archery, and we also took a first aid course. The martial arts are great! It gives me more confidence so I know I could defend myself if I have to. The yoga and meditation are very relaxing. I would recommend Third eye insight to anyone who is blind or visually impaired. I'm glad I found a place where I am comfortable and excepted for who I am, it's hard to find a place like Third Eye Insight, but they say if you wait long enough "things happen".

Margaret Sheerin- Third Eye Insight has had a tremendous positive impact on me. Not only has it enhanced my physical condition and emotional well-being, but it has boosted my confidence in facing the obstacles presented by visual impairment. The interaction with others with the same handicap leads to us encouraging one another and re-assuring each other to pursue a good quality of life despite our loss of vision.

Pasquale Agnone- I love coming to the Dojo, it has helped me to gain more stability and balance mentally and physically. I have made so many friends and look forward to making and meeting more Piasons. Thanks very much for allowing me to experience surfing!!! I had a great time.

Carolina Vollo- Sensei Devin, Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work, dedication and leadership in organizing and running a well-balanced exercise program. This program has enlightened me in many ways both mentally and physically and I always look forward to our next session. In participating in your program I now have more confidence in practicing and performing self-defense, yoga and meditation. Inclusion in this program has opened up many new worlds for me and I cannot thank you enough.Best wishes and many thanks.

Krista Giannak- Dear Sensei Devin,I can't thank you enough for devoting your Saturday afternoons to Third Eye Insight. Before I started the program about a year ago, I thought I could never learn martial arts, in large part because of my blindness. Your instruction is truly unique because it is hands-on literally. I never imagined anyone patiently showing me the martial arts moves through touch the way you, Rob, Mike, Jessica, Brian, and Alexa have. I am learning so much.Third Eye Insight is also unique because it introduces students to such a broad range of conditioning and martial arts skills. Since I have never had the chance to experience or even learn about martial arts, I value the variety that much more. As a beginner, I am juststarting to participate in a whole new world of self-defense and tradition I never knew was open to me. On a side note, after years of trying on my own, I even find that I have learned to meditate better in your guided meditations after class. The fun and friendly atmosphere at Third Eye Insight classes is truly one of a kind. I have never loved physical exercise, but something about the camaraderie in your class pushes me to try harder and have some fun with it. I never thought I would smile or laugh so often.When we tease each other, it is only in fun and not in judgment. Before I joined the class, I thought martial artists might harshly criticize people who are sensitive, fearful, or who find themselves in a moment of weakness for some other reason. Instead, I found studentsand teachers who respect each other's differing life paths, and who push each other in a helpful way. I feel very welcome in your class, despite the fact that I am not one of those serious martial artists training constantly to speed through the ranks. Students come to Third Eye Insight classes for many different reasons and with personal goals. Together, we all move forward to become stronger, more confident and better able to think on our feet. Namaste.

Alex Barrera- Being a Third Eye Insight student for a little over two years has introduced me to new people at a social level as well as all recreational activities which I would not normally do on my own but given the chance to participate at a group level allows me to do things like horseback riding, kayaking, skiing, etc. which is exciting and appreciated through activities outside the dojo.

Instructor Volunteers:

Jacquelyn Mazzarella- I just want to say how proud and happy I am for the Third Eye Insight yoga class today!!! Everyone went up to headstand. It took practice, focus and most of all bravery. Amazing day! Being a yoga instructor has been such an amazing gift for me but having the opportunity to teach yoga to the visually impaired has brought it to new heights. The students always make me feel so appreciated. I have learned so much from them about teaching and about life. The rewards are above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Parent Statements:

Rose Mauro- A little over a year my daughter saw an interview with Sensei Devin regarding Third Eye, so she called and received more information, as a result we went to a class. She was welcomed with open arms and I've since seen a big change in her. She was more confident and told me "I can do this." Everyone was very encouraging. It is the first group where she wasn't the only blind person and treated differently. This group is run by a family of amazing, caring people. The students are all visually impaired or blind; they all help each other and treat each other like family.When Anne received her white belt she was surprised and the look on her face was priceless. So thanks Third Eye for making my daughter a happy confident person. Mostly a happy person, because when she is happy I am happy. So thank you all.

Christina Lichtenstein- I just wanted to say thank you. As a mother of a son who doesn't get the thrill of sports as normal sighted children do, I was in tears watching the CBS News [surfing] story on TV. May I also say you did quite well in your interview in the clip. You should be quite proud of what you do.

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